Founded about 5 years ago, LeadMagnet is a one-stop solution for all the branding and Digital Marketing services. Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing is an extreme method of boosting your business.

Thus, we come up with the right marketing strategies, developed on the basis of analytics which result in generating higher leads, enhance your market presence online as well as offline and make your business reach new heights of success.



Web development in simple words refers to the preparation of the website either for the internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (in case of a private network). In addition to this, web development may range from a simple static page to a completely responsive web page or internet applications and social network services.


Branding in simple words is a ??pull strategy??. Undoubtedly marketing is all about creating the product or the service and advertising, on the other hand, aims at spreading that product/service to the potential audience. It is done by the means of brochures, creatives, display ads, etc.


Content marketing is one of the major forms of marketing that has a main focus on the creation, publishing, and distribution of the content for the intended potential clients. Most of the businesses use this method in order to seek attention and generate higher leads. Blogging, podcasting, infographics, email marketing are some of the common forms of content marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is actually a complete combination of various techniques, methods, strategies that aim at increasing the quality and quantity of the website traffic. This is further done by increasing the online presence of a particular website or webpage on the different search engines.


In today??s digital world, none of us would want to read lengthy content describing a product or a service. Thus, for that video marketing is a really good option. Preparing videos is considered to be one of the great ways of boosting the audience reach at a particular platform on digital and social platforms.


Online Reputation Management is a way of improving the way your business is viewed online. This means to look and analyze what actually the potential client discovers about your business, the product/service while searching online. The main idea behind this is to boost the brand loyalty of the business.

How It Works

No matter how vast the organization is, it is not considered pertinent until it provides satisfactory and client-oriented results. Keeping this in mind, we have divided our working process into four different phases.


The foremost thing that our team considers is to keep a note of all the requirements of the client. After that, an apt and result-driven strategy is prepared, ensuring all the analytics which are certainly going to generate leads.


The next important step is to plan the tasks in accordance with the strategy prepared. Planning and organizing of the activities have to be done according to the priorities of the clients. This further marks that there is no delay in submission.

Building Up

Now that, we are aware of the way and the order in which the task has to be carried out, we would be working on it accordingly. Our professionals would be dividing the task as per their expertise in order to bring out the best results.

Submission of Our Work

Once, everything is in pace and has been done totally as per the client needs, it is rechecked by the seniors. In case of any discrepancy, the task is refined. And then, the work is finally submitted to the clients.


Expert Team

We have a team of proficient workers who are experts in their respective disciplines. They are highly adept and have all the required knowledge related to their fields.

On Time Delivery

Once we accept the proposal of any client or business, we commit a date at which the completed task would be submitted to them. Thus, we make it a point to finish the work within the prescribed deadline with everything up to the mark.

Cost Effective

While we deliver the best and professional digital marketing solutions, we have very competitive prices. We make sure that all the services are provided as per the package chosen by the clients.

24X7 Support

With the aim of providing the best and creative branding solutions, our team provides day and night support putting in the effort to come out with the desired results.

In-Depth Understanding of Clients Requirements

Since we deliver client satisfactory results, we ensure that every requirement of the client is well-understood by our team. In case, we find any issue, we contact them again to make sure that we know what they need. It is after this, that we provide the clients with our creative ideas.

Hassle-Free Amendments

Being eminent workers our team provides customized and tailor-made solutions that are highly appreciated by the clients. In addition to this, if in any case, the client needs some sort of relevant changes, we provide them without charging extra.

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